Toner Cartridge Excess?
Sell or Trade your old obsolete toner cartridges.

Over 30 Years Experience Serving Northeast NY

CA$H For Your Old Usless & Unwanted Full Toner.

When businesses upgrades to new printers and copiers, they normally can‘t use the toner from the old printer or copier creating useless unwanted inventory. Most companies throw this toner in the trash. Northeast Toner will purchase or offer you a trade for New Toner Cartridges.  The choice is yours.

Free Pick Up of EMPTY Toner Cartridges.

Dont pay a salvage company to pick up your empty toner cartridges AND definitely don’t throw them in the trash. We will recycle and dispose properly.

Keep the landfills and our earth free from hazardous material.

Warehouse Full of Genuine Brand OEM Toner

Once we purchase your excess Genuine OEM Toner, we offer this product to our customers at a drastically reduced prices. Why pay full price from the office supply stores when you can get the exact same Genuine Toner from Northeast Toner for up to 50% less.  Some boxes may be imperfect, but it’s whats inside the box that counts.

All product is 100% guaranteed or your money back.


Why pay outrageous printer repair bills when you can qualify for free printer service from Northeast Toner.  When you purchase printer and copier supplies from us, you automatically qualify for free printer service.  

New Compatible Toner

For 30 Years, Northeast Toner has manufactured Brand New (not refilled) toner cartridges for HP, Lexmark, Brother, Canon and most other brands. Free printer service and printer cleanings are included.

Warranty and Guarantee

New Compatible Toner Cartridges DO NOT void your warranty and we can prove it.  Most warranties are valid for 3-6 months, but who cares......we provide free service anyway.

About Northeast Toner Inc.

Northeast Toner is woman owned and started in the Tri-City Area in November 1987.  As a local small family business with over 30 years of experience, we currently service hundreds of local businesses, which some have been supporting us since inception.  If our product and service was not exceptional, we would have been out of business years ago.

Bottom Line

  • Printer & copier supplies reflect a major portion of your bottom line expense. Why keep useless toner inventory when you can convert old obsolete toner to new toner or cash?

Genuine Brand Toner

  • Why pay Staples or WB Mason top dollar for OEM brand toner? Save up to 50% for the exact same product from Northeast Toner.  Call us today for GENUINE toner prices.

Send us a list of toner and printer accessories that you no longer need.

  • We will buy or replace all brands of toner, maintenance kits, and other printer accessories. (See Message section below)


30 Years of Experience

  • Northeast Toner manufactures new toner cartridges for HP, Lexmark, Brother, and most other brands. Serving over 600 customers in the Tri-City area since 1987.

Free Laser Printer Service

  • Northeast Toner customers are entitled to free on-site printer service. If you experience printer problems, simply call or email us. 
  • Email:

Swap or Sell Your Old Toners

  • If your printer died, or you upgraded printers, SWAP or SELL us your old obsolete inventory. Just complete the Contact Us section below.

Long Term Customers

  • Trustco Bank 15 Years
  • Cap Com Credit Union 10 Years
  • Columbia Hospital 16 Years
  • Saratoga Schenectady Gastro 10 Years

No Long Term Contracts

  • We don't lock you into long term contracts. Cost per page contracts are not cost efficient. Contact us before you sign any contracts. 

Free Shipping

  • Free Shipping On Qualified Orders

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Email us a list of your old, obsolete, unusable toner and get cash for your trash.  We will respond with a cash offer or an option to swap for new toner.

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